Used Car FAQs

Ready to buy a car, but not sure where or how to start? We can help. Browse our FAQs for information on car-buying, financing, car delivery and more from Enterprise Car Sales.  We can help you find the car that’s perfect for you.

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Find answers to popular questions about the used car buying process.

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Learn more about the trade-in process from start to finish.

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Answers to your financing questions for your next used car purchase.

Buying A Rental Car Faqs

Have questions about buying a rental car? We have answers.

Used Car Pricing Faqs

Find out more about used car pricing, including specific fees to consider.

Deliveries Transfers Faqs

Learn how Enterprise Car Sales handles car delivery and vehicle transfers.

Test Drive Faqs

Answers to popular questions about test drives, including updated COVID-19 procedures.

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Find out where to start and what questions to ask when you start your used car research.

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Find answers to popular questions about used car warranties and protection products.

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Learn how Enterprise Car Sales makes buying, trading and selling easy.