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Buying your first car? Enterprise Car Sales is here to help with tips, considerations and friendly Sales Consultants!

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Build your credit score.

As a first-time buyer, this may be challenging. But no worries. may still have financing options to fit your needs.

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Save up for a down payment.

The more money you put down at the time of purchase, the less your monthly payments will be. Aim to put down at least 20% of the car’s sale price, but any amount helps.

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Research rates.

The average first time car buyer tends to pay a higher APR due to lack of credit history. Your down payment, age of the car, and the term length may also affect the rate. At Enterprise Car Sales, we can help you find rates and terms that work for you.

Co Signer Small

Consider a cosigner.

You can ask a family member or close friend with a good credit history to cosign for financing, which could get you better rates and terms. A cosigner shares responsibility for the financed amount and payments, so keep in mind that missed payments will reflect on your credit score as well as theirs.

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